Welcome to McKennaMUN VI!

Dear Advisors and Delegates,

Thomas Schalke,  Secretary General

It is my great pleasure to formally invite you to McKennaMUN VI! The conference will be held April 14-15, 2018 at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California. It will feature a broad range of diverse committees focused on an exciting array of challenging and interesting topics that push students to expand their viewpoints and delve into the world of global diplomacy.

When CMC students first established the conference in 2012, they ensured that it reflected the core values of our school: pragmatism, ethics, and leadership. Our conference continues to reflect these values with committees designed to encourage the development of realistic solutions to real-world problems.

This year, we have worked to increase the number of intermediate and advanced committees. McKennaMUN VI will offer no less than 16 different committees to choose from, further enhancing choice for schools and ensuring that we meet every delegate at their level of experience.

CMC has always been a place for students to explore beyond their comfort zones, cultivate knowledge, and hone their skills. At McKennaMUN, we embody this spirit by catering to all MUN levels, with committees specifically designed to help students at every level to reach their full potential. McKennaMUN staff will help delegates improve their negotiating skills, learn to design effective solutions, and expand their confidence in public speaking. Our conference staff provides comprehensive guidance and feedback on position papers, resolution writing, and in-committee performance. Every step of the way, delegates will benefit from the expertise of the five Claremont Colleges’ students and faculty.

At McKennaMUN, we incorporate years of experience and feedback to continuously improve. McKennaMUN VI is poised to be our best conference yet.

On behalf of all the McKennaMUN VI Secretariat and Staff of McKennaMUN VI, we look forward to meeting you in the spring!